CHIKPUI Shampoo & Hair Cream

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Мне нравится запах шампуня.

Мне нравится запах шампуня, он не слишком сильный, я использовала его примерно 4 раза, и почувствовала, что после каждого мытья волосы становятся гладкими.

Mamie Johnson
I have longish hair

This stuff is amazing, i have kinda long hair(past shoulders a couple inches) and its pretty thin so it gets kinda frizzy. But not with this stuff i love it, i need a lil more then it says on the bottle but like i said(longish hair) also i shed hair less and my hair looks nicer

Abbey Davalos
Don’t eat shampoo no matter how nice it smells

Smells amazing and makes your hair nice and soft.

Allie Michel
Best texture great feeling for the hair

Best texture great feeling for the hair

Nannie Falsia
I really like these So Soft products

This shampoo along with the conditioner leaves my hair soft and clean. It does not leave a greasy film or build up.

Sallie Ivanova
Love this shampoo!

Love this shampoo! It really makes your hair so soft and luxurious feeling! Expensive, but a little goes a long way. And you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day anyway!

Nelly Hindman
Nice smell does a good job

You only need a small amount and it smells great. Love how shiny my hair is using this. My hair was getting dried out but it’s nice and silky now.

Beatty Vidalon

First time using this product and yes it does what it says, the first use I was able to run my fingers through my hair like hot butter as I was washing my hair. Other shampoos have not given me that result before. Although the shipping time is a bit long, this product is so awesome will buy more. Looks like I have a new shampoo now.