Babyfond Baby Stroller

  • $510.00
  • $399.99

Customer Reviews

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Clemmie Jaskolski

For this money an excellent stroller! Brought directly to the apartment! the box in several places is torn, but the stroller is whole!

Matilda Haley

Delivery is certainly not very fast, but it's worth it, and just managed to get home. There are no jambs on the stroller, everything is exactly like in the picture. In the management is easy, well, let's see how it will be on the street. The smell is a little, but the new product always smells. The seller is sociable, during the day he answers. In general, I strongly advise I complement a little feedback with pictures

Albin Nicolas

Product is great, just like it is described in offer. I like it a lot. They arrived very quickly. Hope to injoy in them.

Garth Jacobi

Labai Geras dziaugiuosi Labai kokybė superinė atėjo for Lot 5Dienas

Weston Pouros

I received the stroller thank you! It lacks more than testing it but it looks solid. On the other hand the fabric is thin, especially the fabric of the cozy .. Add a complementary fabric!

Reyna Lowe

Extremely fast delivery 5 day. Seller respond quickly and friendly. Cheap product of good quality and solid. i'am so happy thank you so much